Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Case of the Mondays

A Case of the Mondays
I can't even... 
I was driving to work yesterday morning, after spending Sunday evening sorting out some very loose wedding plans, and thinking about how life never turns out the way you think.   

Mostly, I was trying to gear myself up for the week by reminding myself how much I have to look forward to in the future.   This is the kind of high level positive thinking I generally need to keep my head above water after any given weekend.

As I drove through the beautiful countryside towards Aberystwyth, I realised that I was in a good mood.  I was tired, but quite looking forward to another day's training and hopefully, getting out for a lovely relaxing walk along the Promenade in the sun during my lunch hour. 

And my day pretty much panned out exactly that way.  As I left Aber at 4pm, and arranged to pick a colleague up at my own office on the way home, I started thinking about the evening.

Les was working late, so I was going to hit home, spend 45 minutes on the bike; do some work in the garden and then make dinner and catch up with LT when he got back.  I was full of positive energy and ready for anything.

Isn't it truly amazing how things can change in the 90 minutes between making plans and actually carrying them out?

I picked up my colleague and my car from Dolgellau and caught up with her for a bit before dropping her off in Barmouth.   From there, it's a mere 10 minute drive to Dyffryn and I set off with the sun shining and the sea shimmering along the coastal road, knowing I'd slayed Monday like a boss.   Monday was my bitch, so to speak.    Or, at least that's what I thought.    

Unfortunately, Monday wasn't *quite* done with me yet.   It's sneaky like that.   Just when your think you're home and dry: BOOM! It creeps up behind you and slaps you right round the head.
I stopped in a queue of traffic, waiting for some tourist to turn into one of our local caravan parks, when I checked my rear view mirror and realised that the woman behind me wasn't actually stopping.    The guy behind quickly smashed into the back of her, which then shunted her into the back of me.   Luckily, this is where the dominoes stopped and I was far enough behind my lead car that I didn't then bounce along into the back of someone else. 
And so, in the blink of an eye, I had a dent in my car, wobbly legs, a sore hand, and the names and registration plates of two new friends I made at the side of the road.  
After judging that we were all fit to drive and exchanging numbers, etc, we headed off into the sunset.  I got home and abandoned all plans for exercise, choosing instead to have a cup of tea and a sit down until my breathing returned to normal.
It didn't, so I quickly realised that doing nothing was probably the order of the night.   Obviously, this didn't exclude checking the back of my car; my insurance, and Googling details of my local garage.   Unfortunately  I still had to do the essentials to make sure I was able to get to work today and see what excrement Tuesday had to lob at me from the safety of its cage.   
I went to bed last night, feeling tired and sore, and spent half an hour checking social media and emails before turning in.  I was  shocked, to say the least, to find a message from HMRC telling me that, in fact, yes, that emergency tax they shamelessly appropriated a year ago (and that I've asked to have returned on numerous occasions), will now be repaid to my account.   

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.   Rarely have I experienced quite so many emotions in the space of one day.   So, be warned, people:  just because you think you've got one over on Monday doesn't necessarily mean it won't bite you on the ass and then apologise for it later.

Suz x 


  1. Oh god! Sorry to hear about the accident! That road can be quite dangerous. Beautiful scenery though! Hope you're ok now x

  2. I'm absolutely fine and the lovely lady who was slammed into the back of me called to see if I was OK. The locals are very sweet! I have been driving a bit slower over by Caerddaniel since Tuesday, though...! X