Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016: My Favourite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...   I jest, of course. Roses are jaggy and I hate cats.  I have, however, discovered a few things in 2016 that I *did* like, as well as continuing to enjoy some of the constant highlights in my life (I'm looking at you, Doug the Pug).  These are some of my favourites from 2016:


Rillington Place:
Who knew Tim Roth could be so incredibly creepy? This 3 part drama, which was recently aired on BBC1, told the story of serial killer, John Christie.  Obviously, when I realised it was based around murderin', I had to tune in.  There's nothing I love more than following a horrendous story of deception and general all round homicidal behaviour.  It brightens up a dull Monday like nothing else, you know?

The drama focuses on a different character in each episode and shows you just how Christie managed to evade detection for quite so long.  It's an excellent watch and Tim Roth, apart from being almost unrecognisable, is utterly wretched.

SHHHH....Rillington Place is coming on!

Dr Strange:
I have to confess to watching very few full length films, but I do love a good superhero tale.  I also love Benedict Cumberbatch in, well...anything, so the latest Marvel movie was no brainer.  I managed to convince my nephews that they really wanted me to take them to see it on the big screen.  And so we did.

After I got over the American accent on my beautifully posh Englishman, I really enjoyed the epic fighting and bizarre Matrix-like sequences throughout.  I also enjoyed seeing Mads Mikkelsen play yet another baddie and Tilda Swinton with a shaved head.  She sort of suits it, in an odd way. 


Elle King and Angaleena Presley:
I'm very much a creature of habit when it comes to my music.  I listen to it a LOT and I am pretty much strictly a country girl, aside from my love of Counting Crows and John Mayer. 

I first heard Elle King perform at the Country Music Awards (obviously...) and her voice instantly reminded me of Amy Winehouse.  She's got a that powerful bluesy tone that I adore, so I downloaded her album 'Love Stuff' and have been blasting out 'Ex's and Oh's' in my car pretty much every morning since.  

I already knew of Angaleena Presley as a third of the country girl group 'Pistol Annies', with bandmates Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe.  Her Kentucky twang always resonated through the songs and it was pretty much a sure thing that I would buy her solo effort 'American Middle Class'.  It is, to me, far more old school country that I'm used to listening to these days, but it's absolutely superb.  I can often be heard sangin' along in my own very best Kentucky accent to 'Pain Pills' while I'm cleaning the house on a Sunday morning.  

Connelly, Sandford, Sandford, Connelly...

John Sandford and Michael Connelly:
I tried to enjoy other things; I really did. I even rooted out several new authors this year like Lars Kepler, Mark Dawson and Michael Robotham and, while they were all absolutely fine, I still haven't found anything that can compare to the new releases by Sandford (Gathering Prey and Escape Clause) and the return of Connelly's legendary Harry Bosch in 'The Wrong Side of Goodbye'.  

I have, however, very recently stolen borrowed six Stuart MacBride crime titles from my Mum because she's been raving about them. Also: he's Scottish and it turns out I am, too.  Who knew?  The books are set in Aberdeen and, having now read a full five chapters of one of them, I think we can safely say I'm adequately qualified to tell you that they're obviously amazing*

What are your favourite things from 2016?

Suz x

*Not biased at all.