Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Dyffryn Perspective...

We all know the story:  rural girl ends up in city and then moves back to country later in life, realising just what she's been missing all those years.  Falls in love with old high school boyfriend and calls off wedding to smart city boy, much to the complete disbelief of  his pushy poltician Mother. Oh wait....that was Reece Witherspoon, wasn't it? Thought I recognised it.

Anyway, city girl DOES move to rural countryside (in North Wales); doesn't fall for old boyfriend; doesn't have to cancel wedding, but absolutely does realise that she's been missing out on the kind of lifestyle she never even knew she wanted in the first place. 

Where was I?  YES! So, I wrote a previous post about all the new experiences I've had in Wales in the first few months of my arrival so,  to celebrate making it through my first year as a resident of Dyffryn, I thought I'd share all the other new things I've picked up.  
You're so welcome...

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More Talledega than Trawsfyndd..
I get it: it's a rural area and it can be tremendously frustrating to be stuck behind the school bus (every day, people.  Every. Day).  However, I have never been *so* annoyed by this that I've decided to overtake said bus, or any other vehicle, going round a bend when I had no idea what was coming towards me.