Sunday, 30 April 2017

What's Occurrin' - April 2017

April Monthly Round Up

It’s that time of the month again when I realise that all the things I promised I'd do have been crammed into the last week of the month after realising I'd forgotten all about them. One day I'll learn, but it’s unlikely to be any time soon. This is my April round-up:

Amazon Prime: The Fall
I managed to miss the entire 3rd season of this, despite tithe first two seasons being the best things I’ve watched forever so I decided, in order to refresh my tiny little brain, I’d re-watch Season 2 before starting on the latest episodes. This was part of my cunning plan in the hope that I when I DID get round to Season 3, I wouldn’t be all like: How many people are dead now? Is Jamie Dornan still a serial killer? Where’s that really annoying school girl gone? You know, that kind of thing. 

Anyway, I have successfully trawled my way back through Season 2, catching up with the murky and, quite frankly, sick world of the lovely Jamie Dornan, and the more organised life of Gillian Anderson, the detective stalking his every move. If you haven’t seen The Fall, and you like crime drama and Northern Irish accents, I highly recommend you check it out. Now, in fact. 

Movies: Copycat
OK, so I’ve seen this movie on more than one occasion and I love it but, as my hubby hadn’t seen it, I forced him to sit through it in the hope that he will, one day, become as obsessed with crime and stuff as I am. I'm still waiting. 

The basic premise is that Helen Hunt (Sigourney Weaver) testified against a rather scary looking Darrel Lee Cullum (brilliantly played by Harry Connick Jr) and gets him banged up. Fast forward a few years and Darrel manages to find himself a disciple on the outside to carry out a series of copycat murders to rival the great serial killers of the 20th Century.  He mirrors the MOs and signatures down to the last detail and it’s not long before homicide detective, MJ (Holly Hunter) is chasing him down to a thrilling conclusion.  The movie is from waaaay back in 1995 but, apart from the hair and some dodgy outfits, it has more than stood the test of time. It’s superb.

Books: Peter May - The Killing Room
This title is the third of Peter May's 'China Thriller' series and is, appropriately, set in Beijing and Shanghai. I've read a few of his earlier titles, which involve a different character and were set on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, so I had a bit of knowledge of the author before picking this up.

Aside from the fact that May is a fellow Scot, I was interested in these books from a personal point of view. As my husband and his family are Chinese I find that, as a Westerner with little knowledge of the culture, I sometimes struggle to really understand it. I thought this volume, based on an American forensic pathologist who travels to China to work and has problems fitting in with the expectations of women in the east compared to her native USA, would be quite interesting. And it was.

The tale surrounds the discovery of some pretty gnarled body parts on a construction site and leads you through the murky world of abortion clinics and the pretty severe consequences of the Chinese Government’s one child policy, as well as their preference to baby boys over girls.

Music: Colbie Caillat - The Malibu Sessions
This is just as much of a shock to me as it is to anyone who knows how partial I am to my country music. It’s not like me to stray, but I saw Colbie Caillat supporting John Mayer way back in 2007 and I love her voice. I haven’t heard from her for years (or rather, I haven’t looked beyond the ‘Folk and Country’ genre on Apple Music…) so it was lovely to see she had some new stuff out.

The album is just as bubbly as the previous ones and she does have a knack of making you feel like you’re driving along the PCH in California, despite the fact that you’re actually stuck in the pouring rain on country road in North Wales.  I think we can all agree that takes quite some talent.

Podcast:  Sword and Scale
I honestly don’t know where to start with this, but it’s absolutely brilliant. If you, like me, love your true crime and aren’t horrified by listening to audio recordings of actual 911 emergency calls, or horrendous court proceedings, then this is the podcast for you. I discovered it through Buzzfeed (literally where I discover everything in life) and downloaded the first season to test it out. I was instantly hooked and, if I’m being honest, I haven’t slept *quite* the same for the past couple of weeks from being quite literally wide eyed in the middle of the night, marvelling at how sick the world is. Seriously. 
So far, I’ve explored the murky world of child abuse and abduction, what happens when lethal injections don’t quite go according to plan and, just last night, heard testimony from a man who shot and killed a stranger in a Florida cinema because he lobbed a bag of popcorn at him.  I don’t know about you lot, but I never go to the cinema without a loaded gun because, how would I deal with someone who threw popcorn at me if I didn’t???  This is clearly a case of self defence...  

What have you been up to in April?

Suz x