Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July: Hits and Misses

July: Hits and Misses

July has been a good month for discovering new stuffs in the Tam household.  Most of these have been food or drink based, but what can you do?  After a busy month involving a trip home to Scotland, my sister and cousin coming to Wales for a weekend, and a some down time at home, these are July's hits and misses:


Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb Liqueur:
OHMYGODTHISSTUFFISAMAZING.  Seriously.  I'm not a huge fan of gin, and by that I mean that I like wine more, but my Mum has a penchant for this stuff and Les and I had a few glasses while we were visiting my parents this month.  On the way home from Scotland, we popped in to the supermarket to do our usual weekly shopping and quickly realised that this is also sold in Wales. Wrexham, no less.  Clearly, in order to support my home nation, I had to buy a bottle.  Safe to say it hasn't lasted particularly long. It's 20% and we drink it neat. It's very sweet, but has the best smell ever.  It literally smells like rhubarb and custard boiled sweets and tastes like them, too.  Also: it's currently on offer for £16 a bottle, so buy two. 

Butternut Fingers Coconut Cups:
I adore anything that smells or tastes of coconut.  I'm talking coconut shampoo and conditioner, lip balm, body spray and, obviously for me, dry shampoo. I do try not to eat massive amounts of chocolate, but I found it impossible to walk past these as they cried out to me from the special foods aisle in Asda.  I'd only ever seen the original ones while travelling in the States, so had no idea they had deviated so deliciously from their original recipe.  To be honest, they taste like bounty bars, but better.  I don't know how they're better, but they just are. They were on special offer for £1 for a pack of four and taste even better when enjoyed with a cup of We Are Little's Coconut Coffee.  

Chocolate Rice Cakes:
I love salt and vinegar and paprika rice cakes as they have really strong tastes and I'm a fan of anything low fat that tastes like it probably shouldn't be. I had always shied away from the chocolate ones as they just, well...looked disgusting, if I'm being honest. As it turns out, they're not too bad. Not sure I could eat many at one sitting and that, my friends, is exactly the reason I should be buying more of them. 

Jo Nesbo - The Thirst:
I've been waiting way too long for the latest instalment in the life of my favourite Norwegian crime fighter, Harry Hole, and July was the month when I finally got my hands on the audiobook version of The Thirst. I use audio books to help me sleep and have a monthly account with Audible (Amazon's audiobook company). Apart from loving the writing and the character, I love the narration, which is always done by Sean Barratt. I am now incapable of buying an actual Jo Nesbo book as I miss hearing Barratt reading it out to me in his wonderful voice. 

The new title surrounds an old nemesis from the past, who manages to bring Hole out of retirement to track him down. The crimes are crazy and, as always, the darkness and sometimes bleak surroundings of Oslo fit the books perfectly.  I also found out on fb the other day that Michael Fassbender is playing Harry in the movie version of The Snowman.  I honestly can't wait to see him on the big screen. 

Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant Balm:
The fact that this smells of coconut always meant it had to be exceptionally bad for me not to instantly love it. Unfortunately, I'm someone who tends to overheat a lot and I find body sprays to be fairly ineffective on me. I use them simply for the smell as I tend not to use perfume (read: I'm quite lazy). I tend to stick exclusively to solid anti perspirants, which are usually Dove, but this little pot of joy has proven to be equally effective. I got it as part of my July Birchbox and it's the only thing I've had, so far, that I'll definitely be buying again.  I love trying all the samples, but this is the first thing I've found that I've decided I'll be unable to live without when it's gone. It's made by Native Unearthed and is entirely natural. It's around £6.60 for a 60ml pot. 

24 Box Set:
Yeah, I know, I'm like a decade behind, but I always get there eventually.  I've been staring at this box set for ever and, after a recent panic attack about my impending 40th birthday, I made it my mission to watch it. I have no idea what these things have to do with each other but, like I said, I was panicking. Anyway, it's so good!  Why didn't anyone tell me?? 
Obviously, I decided to start watching 24 *just* when Amazon Prime decided that since everyone in the world had seen it, they'd remove it from my package. Clearly, this makes it a *touch* more difficult to tune it, but I have my ways. Les and I decided we'd watch it together, so progress has been slow to say the least. I have no doubt we'll make it through, oooh, at least 2 seasons before I hit my next birthday in January 2018.  I'm nothing if not ambitious. 


I watched the remake. It wasn't good. 

The Dark Knight Rises:
I actually put this on Prime on a sunday afternoon, thinking it was The Dark Knight.  I had no idea they'd even made a new one (I don't pay much attention....). I realised after the first few minutes, when I hadn't seen Heath Ledger, that this was a whole new chapter I hadn't seen. And it was good, but not a patch on it's predecessor.  I spent most of the movie trying to imitate Bane's voice, but without much success. 

Stephen King - IT (audiobook)
I'd like to start this by saying that it's not the book that's the actual miss here, it's the fact that it's audio and creepy AF.  I listen to audiobooks to help me sleep and, well...this one in no way does that.  Why I *ever* thought it would is beyond me.  What can I say? I'm not the brightest.  Despite the fact that it's a fabulous book, I'm having to listen on alternate nights so as not to completely scare the bejesus out of myself. I am nothing if not determined, though, so I will get to the end of it eventually.  Even if this means seeing balloons where ever I go and being deathly scared of opening fortune cookies for the rest of my natural life. 

What have you been up to in July?  

Suz x