Thursday, 1 March 2018

How To Get Into The Holiday Spirit Before You Go On

How To Get Into The Holiday Spirit Before You Go On Holiday

I’m a massive fan of starting my holiday the second I finish up work, as I don’t like to wait until I arrive at my destination before I have fun.  As far as I’m concerned, the minute I leave the office and hit the road, my holiday begins. These are the things I tend to do to make the most of the time between clocking off at work and checking in to my Airbnb that make dragging my carcass out of bed for a 5am flight that bit more bearable
Holiday Play List
I loves a playlist, I does, and there are few things better than cranking up a special holiday version of this for either driving home from work on your last day or, what me and Les do, which is setting up a song list for driving between home and the airport.  We live in the middle of nowhere in North Wales, so we tend to fly from Manchester, meaning our play lists tend to be pretty long.  Apart from the obvious stress relief that comes from singing at the top of your lungs like a crazy person, having a list of songs themed to where you’re heading on holiday can also help to inspire you and build the excitement.  In addition to a play list for the start of your trip, we also make a note of songs playing on the TV/radio/in shops when we’re away and, if they make the grade, they go on the post holiday playlist.  Let’s just say our music choices are a bit, well…random, to be honest. 
Coffee Break
Again, this particular holiday ritual is borne out of the fact that we have to drive around 3 hours to make it to Manchester Airport.  We tend to share the driving, but a coffee stop is a great little break in the journey where we can sit down and discuss what we’re planning for that night, or just randomly chat about what we’re going to do during our trip.  All our best plans are made over coffee. 
Airport Lounge
Being a total introvert, I’m not a massive fan of people.  This makes airports quite an uncomfortable space for me.  If I’m in a crowd too long I can usually escape to the bathroom for some quiet time, but female bathrooms in airports are often the busiest part of the building, so there is literally nowhere to run. Because of this, and the fact that I hate having to shell out an absolute fortune for food and drinks, I joined Priority Pass.  I pay a yearly fee and can access the airport lounge wherever I go. For roughly £15 per visit, I can drink as much coffee (wine) as I want and stuff my chops full of food (wine) for 3 hours, all while sitting in peaceful surroundings with phone sockets, comfy sofas and, depending on where I am, a hot shower or a wee snooze. My Priority Pass is top of my list for saving if my house should ever go on fire.  

Who's Going Where?
This is my favourite holiday game, which I enjoy playing (sometimes I have to play n my own if my husband is busy/bored of my childishness) as I relax in the lounge and indulge in a spot of people watching. The aim of the game, which sometimes gets lots in the the sheer joy of it all, is to focus your attention on other passengers and work out, with the information you are very to hand (usually their style of dress, age, luggage and choice of companion) where they're heading. I over the years, I've gotten pretty decent at this, but I do wish airline's would stop adding on more new destinations stocks as this has undoubtedly made it a wee bit harder. How selfish of them.  Anyway, you don't always know if you're right, but it can cause a hit of hilarity when you're so sure the couple with the screaming kids and 'Spanish beach holiday' literally* written across their foreheads end up sitting behind you on your flight to Florence a fee hours later. It will mostly change your perceptions and stereotypes of holidaymakers.  Mostly... There will be times when  you're absolutely bang on and this will make you proud. It will also give you something to lord over your travel buddy for the duration of the trip. 


Photo Journal
My husband is a huge fan of taking photos before, during and after holidays.  I generally get annoyed when he suggests a selfie (I hate them) but, after a few trips when I've allowed myself to be convinced, I've come home to see the shots from beginning to end and realised it actually tells the whole story rather than just the bit in the middle. As much as it pains me to be in more snaps, it is really good fun to look back on.  My usual photos are shots of whatever my first drink at the airport is. 

The older I get, the more I hate flying but, as it's the only way to get where I want to be, it's a necessary evil. I try to make the journey as enjoyable as possible by downloading episodes of the shows I've been keen to watch but don't get the chance to during day to day life.  This means I have a whole iPad full of murder-y stuff to freak out my fellow passengers on any given flight.  I'm always keen to find something that can distract me for as long as possible and, as well as my movies and TV, I find there are plenty of addictive App Store games that help amuse me until it's time to land. Blogging is a great way to use the time productively but, I'm on holiday and productivity is a curse word not to be employed unless it's in conjunction with the easiest/fastest way to visit all the bars in a certain neighbourhood.  

Follow these tips and you'll be breezing off your flight, ready start the best part of your holiday.

What tips do you have for chilling out before you get to your destination?

Suz x